Finally, updated to latest Windows version -Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021. This is, clearly, riddled with bugs. Not impressed having paid for this.

  1. Constantly crashes.
  2. Keyboard is very sluggish, with delays
  3. Cursor disappears
  4. Regular reboots needed to get anything done

All of my other Windows programmes work seamlessly.

Very unimpressed.

2021-05 Update for Windows 10 Version 20H2 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)

Hi wmike1503,

This is going to be due to something specific to your Scriv install / PC config. And yes, I read your post and see that your other programs work fine. :sunglasses: I’m basing my assumption on posts to this forum by other users, that generally Scrivener v3 runs well on most PCs. So this issue will likely be local.

The first thing to check is whether your antivirus software is interfering with Scrivener’s execution in some way. There have been many posters citing issues ranging from inability to install Scriv to inability to work cleanly with Scriv (much like yours) that were caused by overexuberant AV.

So I suggest temporarily disabling your AV as a test and see if that helps Scriv’s performance.

If it does, fantastic, then whitelist Scrivener in your AV and you’re done.

But if disabling your AV doesn’t help, then next suggested step is to uninstall and reinstall v3. Do this with the AV disabled, as the AV might have silently interfered with the install. It’s happened to other posters, so that’s what we’re trying to rule out.

Good luck, let us know what happens.


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Thanks for that. It had been working fine. Perfectly happy with Norton 365. Bluetooth Keyboard - all good. It is now horrible. I can type a few words and, literally, nothing happens for 20 secs. Something is definitely amiss.

Followed your suggestions. Norton disabled - same problems. Reinstalled, Scrivener whitelisted (it already was, by the way).

Same issues - singularly unimpressed. Paid for the new version - not good.

There have been various problems with Windows and Bluetooth keyboards. Some of the web pages about possible resolution are:




Also, do the problems persist when you use a wired keyboard?