Outliner column order not remembered after restart

Quick Ref Always on top preference not remembered after restart

(regression) Pasting loses indent and line-spacing

Regarding the sort column being session-only, that is in fact by design.

Um…LH1877? It doesn’t stick in session either. By “in session” I’m assuming within that instance of Scrivener being open. If you switch away from that outline view to say corkboard, it loses the sort order.

Sorry, the report stated “after a restart”, which is correct behaviour (including simply reloading the project, which is what I’m referring to as a session). That would of course imply that within the session it should be remembered. That it is not, is a different problem, and yes that looks to be the correct tracking number.

Okay, thanks. I thought I was losing my mind for a moment. :slight_smile:

I am unable to duplicate this. When I go to to the menu item Window->Keep Quick Reference Panels on Top and toggle it on (as shown in the screenshot below), it stays until I toggle it off.

Shaun, are you referring to this: [url][RC5] Copy/paste does not copy proper indentation]?