I have issues with a secondary monitor. As you can see on the pic some headers are displayed in a size that makes them almost unreadable. Also these strange black triangles appear.

Since the German translation still has many errors, I switched to English. But since one of the recent updates the upper menu bar still appears in German, although I set English as operating language.

Try switching between the HighDPI and the Non-HighDPI Scrivener versions.

I overlooked that a new update has just arrived. I have installed it. The problems are gone. If they appear again, I will report it here.

The problem has reappeared. I have disconnected my leptop from my big screen. And now the headlines appear again in a hardly readable size. Restarting does not help. Where can I switch between HighDPI and Non-HighDPI? The manual says that this option is located in Options-Startup. But in my case such an option is missing in the tab “Startup”.

At the bottom of the latest post in the Windows Beta download section is a set of alternate installation downloads. I may be using that, since I have a 4k monitor. Thanks L & L!