Build Your Own Writer's Retreat & Cabin

Youtube has almost everything. I just discovered that there’s a channel filled with easy and cheap, built-in-yourself projects including simple cabins. The Tiny Yellow House channel is here: … se+channel

There is even one he calls “a writer’s retreat,” although it’s best only if you like a lot of light. Derek Diedricksen is the author of: … 0762771461

Lots of interesting projects and the tiny yellow house ones will link to similar projects by others. Some only cost a few hundred dollars and are designed to be easy to build.

Possibilities include:

  1. A get-away-and-write cabin at the back of your lot for quiet in a noisy house. That’s the best option since you have easy access to all the luxuries of home.

  2. A starter cabin for a place in the woods. Live in it while you build something larger.

  3. Build one on wheels and use it for a camper van. May it small/light, and you can pull it behind even a small car.

–Mike Perry

Having a writing retreat has a tradition. Here’s the little Swiss Chalet in which Charles Dickens wrote during the last five years of his life.

More details here:

It looks good in the picture, but is apparently in great need of repair. Details here: … chalet.htm … let-appeal

–Mike Perry