Building a Browser List Template Workaround

How do I customize the Binder list, so I can change it as I feel I want it for my projects?

For example I want to use the following list as a Default list for all Projects, not just a single project where I can enter them one at a time using the ‘Binder+’ function at the bottom of the Binder Panel.

Master Plot
Story Outline
Story World
Characters (instead of People)
Related Events
Industry Contacts

You can’t.

But this is Scrivener, so of course there is an easy workaround.

  1. Create an empty project, set it up as you wish.
  2. Then save it somewhere as a template project (I use a Documents folder called Scrivener Documents).
  3. Then just copy it whenever you want to create a new project with these settings.

“Template” project files like this are also useful if you have a set of colour labels and status settings that you always use.

Thanks to Keith and AmberV for the answer to this question.

It used to be that you could set the Finder’s Stationary flag on all file types, but ever since the last few versions of Mac OS X, this ability has been disabled for Bundle style documents. So, unfortunately it can sometimes be easy to forget that you are editing your template and not a new project. I recommend using the Finder to lock your templates once you have them set up. Scrivener will refuse to even open them.

To use them, simply duplicate and unlock.