built in TOC in iBook epub reader

I searched for this, but couldn’t see it, so I’m asking here.

I’ve set up my book file and it exports properly - I’ve made and moved my own TOC, etc.

But I have one problem. There’s a built in Table of Contents in the iBooks reading app, and if you return to the TOC using this button, it takes you to, well, the iBooks version of your TOC.

This would be fine except…

I chose a hand-made TOC to avoid having titles/links for my front matter pages - Title Page, Copyright Page, Books by Author page.

The iBooks ToC lists blanks and page numbers for most of those, and I don’t mind the blanks (it looks a bit silly), but… it lists the Title Page first. I have the front matter set up as level 2 in formatting so that title isn’t shown, and it’s therefore not picked up in a ToC generator – but if I select “as is” for the Title Page to preserve the centring, font size, etc., it doesn’t matter if there’s no title within its phylum - it still lists Title Page on the iBooks ToC. (so: Title Page, blank line, blank line, blank line, Introduction, Story title). I want it to just be blank lines until the Intro and the Story title.

My own, home-made TOC displays properly, everything else in the ebook displays properly - but there’s this “as is” page that either shows up in the iBooks generated ToC. If I uncheck “as is” for title page, it becomes invisible but everything is left-justified

Is there a way around this other than adding a further level of folder formatting to avoid the “as is”?