Bulk change Document Targets & Options

I am updating my documents in my current WIP and I cannot select multiple documents and change the Document Targets for them all. Nor can I (globally?) set them all to show overrun, allowance and notifications.

This seems like something that I should be able to do… Does everyone just set the targets and options for every. single. document. one at a time?


For the target, the easy solution is to select all of the concerned documents, then switch to outliner view.
Then making the Target field appear,

set the target for the first document by double-clicking in the target field, then use copy paste for the others.

For the other things you want to globally adjust, I wouldn’t know.
Not sure there is a way to globally adjust those parameters. :grimacing:

That was a LOT easier than going to the target /bar at the bottom of each document. So my targets are updated, but I still have to go through each on to turn on the other options.

Thanks for your reply! You save me some time for sure!


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But for the future (even tho it is too late for that for your actual documents), this is some settings that you could include in a document template.
So by inserting documents to your project from that template, those settings would already be in place.
Assuming that this is something you’d regularly want, that is; with the same target counts etc.

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Do it as chapter template with a folder with “scene” files and for those can set targets for each scene. Then once set up easy to quickly build a novel with targets