Bulk convert highlight-footnotes to marker footnotes?

Because my text is heavily noted, I prefer to use markers for footnotes. However, I started by using the default highlight system, which leaves me a large number of references in the highlight format. Is there a way to convert these to markers either as a bulk operation, or as a simple command for each highlighted sentence? Thanks.

[Scrivener 3.0 running on OS 10.13.5 High Sierra]

These transformations might be what you need…

Edit > Transformations > Convert Inspector Footnotes to Inline Footnotes

Edit > Transformations > Convert Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes

Thanks, but I think that’s something else. If I understand the terminology, I already have inspector footnotes that appear in a distinct column. I am trying to change the reference to those inspector footnotes.


Scrivener offers (1) footnotes and (2) inline footnotes. If you have used one of these two standard footnoting methods, the transformations listed above will allow you to make transformations from one type to another. You could duplicate a text file and run the commands as a test to see if they do what you want.

Or have you used something else to create footnotes? What exactly is the highlight system you mentioned above?

You could

  1. use the menu to convert all your footnotes to Inline Footnotes
  2. set “Use footnote marker” in Project > Project Settings > Formatting
  3. use the menu to convert Inline Footnotes to Inspector Footnotes

I’d do it that way, but I’d duplicate the project first so that, just in case something weird happens, you have an unaffected version.


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Thanks, xiamenese! That’s a clever procedure that seems to work well.