Bulk Project Replace (global search and replace multiple terms)

The MS is nearly complete and belatedly I realise my Taiwanese names currently rendered in pinyin form, such as Pèi-shān, could be rendered acceptably without the fuss of diacritics, i.e. Pei-shan.

1/ What approach would allow me to replace the pinyin names with their (Wade-Giles) alternatives in the fewest steps? Is there a simple/built in way to replace multiple terms in one go?

2/ Since I have (once!) really messed up the MS with a project replace (and restored from a backup) , having re-read the manual re backups, I don’t see an answer to the question: is there a “restore from backup” option within Scrivener? (Which would be handy… )

The backup itself is a project. As opposed to the state of a project.
So, no.
Whenever you wish to return to a previous backed-up version, use the backup as if it was the project. (Because it is.)

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I would use the replacements in the compile format, and leave the manuscript as it currently is.
All you’d have to do is set the desired replacements.
(That would allow you to later change your mind again, and fix it back in seconds.)

As for doing it in the project itself, I don’t know how and doubt it can be done (RegEx maybe ??) in one go.

Otherwise make a list of all the names to change, brew some coffee, do them one by one.

Yes, replace during compile seems a sound approach. I am preparing to settle in for a day of YouTube videos, manual reading, and forum scanning to bring myself up to take-off speed on compile. Thanks.

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