Bullet help

I have been editing essays, on my Mac w/10.7.3, that originated as word files. I complied them via Kindle gen. No big issues (this scrivener stuff is very very helpful software guys!).


Some of my chapters, which were originally all very diverse non-uniform word docs, with every manner of cut paste and alteration, have bullets added where none where ever intended - in the final Kindle version.

I assume this is a simple format technicality I need to learn about…

All help appreciated.


Bullets have two components - the actual bullet characters and formatting that tells a program “this text is a list”. Sometimes, even if the bullets themselves have been removed, the formatting can remain, and this can affect how the text looks when exported to certain programs. The best thing to do to fix this is to select the affected text, and then select “None” from the bullets list in the format bar:

This will remove any lingering bullet formatting from the text, and will ensure that it doesn’t get treated as a list when exported.

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