Bullet Issue - Top Level Indent Issue

I have many bullet points in my document. They look fine in editor, but after compiling to epub 3 format, the top level bullet is indented further than my text for that bullet. The lower level bullets appear correct, this is only an issue at the top level (meaning the least indented bullets). I’m new to this software and forum so haven’t been able to figure out how to add a screen print to this post.

Basically, what I’m seeing is the first 2 letters of text and then the bullet point is on top of the 3rd character in my text for that bullet point. Again, this is only for the highest level (furthest left/least indented bullets within a list).

I greatly appreciate any assistance. There are many bullet lists throughout my document and this is issue will require me to find another software application if it can’t be overcome. That would be a shame because after spending the time to learn this software, I really like it. Hoping it will be my go-to for many years, but first have to get past this issue.

I should also point out I’ve tried deleting the bullet list and then recreating it within Scrivener using the bullet point icon from the Scrivener toolbar. This still gives me the same issue.

Hi. I don’t know if it is directly relevant to the problem you’re describing, but there are known issues with how Scrivener’s bulleted and numbered lists work that seem as though they may be a factor.

Have a look at this thread.


Thanks Mad_Girl_Disease. Maybe the external sync you mentioned in that thread can help. I’ll have to spend some time learning the external sync functionality, but could be worth it. I totally understand the list functionality could be pretty challenging from a code perspective. Nonetheless, it’s pretty disappointing since my document has multiple lists in every chapter (all of which are hosed in Scrivener).

Anyway, guess that’s the challenge for this week.