Bullet line spacing issue ePub


I have almost finished setting up my book to compile as an ebook, but there is one infuriating issue I can’t seem to resolve. My bullet points are correctly spaced, but when the text in a bullet wraps, it has the between-bullet spacing, and I can’t seem to reduce that spacing.

I have tried modifying the style in the original document and also in Compile>Edit format for the Bullets style I have set up. Neither of these seems to have an impact on the final compile of the bullets. Any ideas would be appreciated!


Oh, also worth mentioning - I’m using ‘As is’ for the Section Layout.

If you’re using As-Is for the Section Layout, then I wouldn’t expect the Compile settings to make a difference.

Just to make sure I understand, is the issue the spacing between lines of a single bullet “paragraph?” And is that the same or different from the spacing within a non-bulleted paragraph?


Yes, it’s the spacing between the lines on a ‘bullet paragraph’. I also tried altering the spacing by adjusting the style settings, not just the compile settings, and that didn’t seem to make any difference either.


What is your ultimate goal? Are bulleted paragraphs the same as normal text, or different, and how do you want them to look?