Bullet List Bug

The following bug has appeared:

  1. write text
  2. convert line to bulleted list
  3. indent list (ctrl+T and ctrl+Q)
  4. enter more lines of list
  5. go back to make sub-bullet:
    5a. make new line (hit ‘enter’)
    5b. hit ‘tab’
    At that point, it should indent and change the bullet symbol.

Here’s the tricky bit: sometimes it does that, behaving as it should, but sometimes it does not do that, instead in puts the new level back to the far-left margin, uses the same bullet symbol, and when you try to change the bullet symbol it does not register.

I’m still trying to figure out why it does this sometimes and not other times

I will add that on a given list it always does the same thing, i.e. either the right thing or the bug, so within a list it is reproducible, but I’m not sure why some lists exhibit the problem and others do not.

One more thing: on lists that exhibit the bug, you cannot change the list symbol at all, it does not register the change.