Bullet List trashes subsequent paragraph indents

I notice that after creating a bullet list, any text I type after that loses paragraph indents. Is there a way around this?

Right now the only way I see to work around this is to either not use paragraph indents in the Preferences screen, or make sure you type your bullet list between existing paragraphs.

Indeed, the best way around this is to add a couple of returns and then add your bullet list above. Unfortunately this is a known “quirk” (i.e. bug) of the OS X text system that Scrivener uses (the same one used by TextEdit). This means that it is, unfortunately, a bug that Apple would need to address in their text system. (The problem is that once you leave the bulleted list, the text system really has no idea of your intended indents.)

Another option is to create a paragraph preset (Format > Formatting) with the indents and line spacing you want, so that you can quickly select it after you have finished your bullets.

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