Bullet lists: ePub compiles differently to print-out

Hi everyone. This is my first post; I can usually figure out Scrivener hiccups on my own, but not this time…

Within my Scrivener document, there are quite a number of bulleted lists. I’ve been hitting ‘return’ to place a blank line between the end of a list and the text that follows it. If I don’t, the text will be right up against the last bullet point, and that doesn’t look very good.

But when I compiled this to ePub and viewed it on my iPad, those single blank lines had transformed into double blank lines. Hmmm.

So I went back into the doc, deleted all of the blank lines and compiled again. Excellent! My ePub now appeared with a single blank line automatically inserted between each bullet list and the text that followed it, which looked great.

However, when I printed out a paper copy (using File > Print), those automatic blank lines had disappeared. So I tried again using Compile > Print. Same problem.

So once again, I went through the doc and re-inserted all of the blank lines manually, and tried to stop the ePub compile automatically adding another blank line by using the “As-Is” checkboxes in the Compile dialog box. But that didn’t work. It’s still adding an extra blank line.

Does anyone know how I can set up the document or the compile window so that my bulleted lists are separated from the following text by a single blank line, whether I compile to ePub or print-out?

Any help would be much appreciated,

That’s very strange that you got two empty lines instead of one. Just to confirm, you mean that in the XHTML code you see something like:



That is what Scrivener inserts (the class might be different) if you put an empty line into a document. By the way what software are you using to preview the ePub file?

Incidentally, paragraph formatting is usually better for spacing than inserting empty paragraphs. You can find those tools in the “Other…” selection, under the line-spacing drop-down.

Amber, thanks so much for responding to my distress call! :slight_smile:

No, when I open the ePub file using Sigil’s code view, I see only one:

<p class="p2">

But here’s the thing: switching from ‘code view’ to ‘book view’, I see two blank lines beneath my bullet list –– just as I do on my iPad. And when I place the flashing cursor onto the last bullet point in the list and hit the ‘down arrow’ key just once, the cursor jumps over the first blank line and straight onto the second blank line.

So I’m beginning to think that the

    tags which denote the start and end of a bullet list are automatically padded with a blank line above and below.

    This would explain why my printouts do need me to manually add blank lines to separate bullet lists and body text, but my ePubs don’t.

    But it still means that to output to two devices, I’ve got to go through the entire document and make the changes myself… :frowning:

    iBooks on an iPad 3 and I’ve also used Sigil to look at the ePub’s code.

    Thanks Amber, that’s very useful to know –– although in the light of my suspicions about the padding around the

      tags, I’m not sure that’s going to help me in this instance. Thanks again for trying though…