Bullet lists not printing properly

I just printed a section of my draft. The bullet lists aren’t printing as they appear in the document.

Here’s a screenshot of how it appears in the document (correct):

And here’s one of how it’s printing. Notice the second line of text in the bullet that is justifying all the way to the left, instead of being indented.

I notice in the first screenshot that none of the lines wrap, so it’s not possible to tell if the wrapping you see in the second screenshot is actually in effect in the source document. When you print (are you using compile for that?) page margins will be added and this will in many cases be different than what you see in the editor, which just wraps the text at the window width. I’d be curious to see if you shrunk the editor width down really small, if it ended up looking roughly the same, with the second lines wrapping around.

At any rate, it looks like you might have pasted these in from another word processor. Scrivener automatically block indents lists when you create them in Scrivener, so you could try selecting all of these list lines, choose “None” from the list style drop-down, then set it back to bullets.