Bullet menu is ghosted since I installed Big Sur on my Mac.

See attached image. This is now the faulty behavior on both preexisting scrivener files and on new files. This may be a bug, but I’m hoping there is a workaround (other than typing asterisks until it is fixed).

Please install version 3.2, which has just been released on our site and via automatic update (Scrivener > Check for Updates). If you’re using the Mac App Store version, 3.2 will be available soon.

Uh, oh! I hope this gets fixed soon.

By the way, I downloaded scrivener directly from literatureandlatte.com and the ghosted bullet menu persists. It looks like the download on your website is still 3.1.5. (12258).

I also downloaded directly from your website and after install the application is still version 3.1.5

3.2 was again pulled from download to deal a second crashing on launch bug. 3.1.5 is the version you will get currently.

Okay, so when does 3.2 go back up so I might see if it fixes my ghosted bullet menu? You know, the issue that is the entire topic of this thread?

That last message seems a bit like I just got the runaround, to be frank. :unamused:

How about this: can you tell me if the ghosted bullet menu is a known bug with Big Sur, and if so that 3.2 corrects it? And then, when might 3.2 be put back up for download?

Sorry to hear that, but friend, I’m just a customer, just like you. I am not an L&L employee (clearly marked in my signature) and I don’t have any privileged knowledge here. All I’m doing is relaying what has been discussed in the forums over the past couple of days.

For the former: are you unable to spend a few minutes to search the forums and see for yourself?

For the latter: when KB decides he’s fixed the problem that caused him decide to pull it back down. Sadly, he has not yet decided to call me in advance and tell me when that is. Probably wise on his part, international phone calls costing what they do…

A couple of workarounds:



A version of 3.2 still downloadable (might not work).


I’ve got 3.2 and it’s working like a boss. Looks like bugs are squashed.

Maybe you could take a moment to learn a bit about whom you are addressing and see that I spend so little time on this forum that my last post was in 2013. I was posting about what could be a bug and looking for some tech support. What section of the forum are we in again? (Don’t answer that. The question was rhetorical.)

Just to check, @KB, there is still another version of 3.2 coming in the next few days, right? There do seem to be a few bugs that have squeaked through.

Make sure you have Scrivener 3.2, build 14343. There are a couple of other builds out there that may not have the latest fixes.


As Katherine says, the new build just posted fixes the main issues (crashing and an issue with italics caused by an Apple bug). Anyone who has downloaded 3.2 so far should delete their current version and re-download (Check for Updates will not catch the refreshed 3.2 version).

We’ll release a 3.2.1 update in the next few weeks to catch anything we’ve missed, but if you have noticed any bugs then please report them in the Bug Hunt forum.

The forums are primarily for peer-to-peer technical support – if you need an official answer from L&L, use the contact emails found on the L&L website. This has always been stated and standard policy for the forums, even back in 2013.

If you click the [url=Literature & Latte Forums]Board Index
link that is at the top of every forum breadcrumb trail, you will have the option to search all of the forums. Entering the search terms “big sur bullet” will pull up all of the forum posts where these terms are all present. When I performed that search, within 30 seconds I was able to see threads that weren’t this one and determine that yes, this is a known issue.

30 seconds for a simple search. plus perhaps another 120 seconds to re-familiarize yourself with the search interface. That’s less time collectively than you and I have spent replying to each other. It’s always been good netiquette to search before you post.


Looking forward to downloading the 3.2 update in the App Store when it comes available and work in Dark Mode again :slight_smile:

I have an M1 Macbook Air on the way (only somewhere in december though) and I was wondering if it will then be possible to run both Scrivener iOS and Scrivener macOS on the same machine. Not that I know why you would want to, because the macOS version is a lot more superior, but I’m curious to see how that works.
Anyway. Sorry for the off-topic.

To address the topic: the build of 3.2 now available on the site fixes the italics bug (this was caused by a change in Big Sur along with some oddities of Scrivener).

Scrivener 3.2 is now “Waiting for Review” on the App Store - which means it could be available in anything between an hour and two weeks. :slight_smile: I also have an M1 MacBook Air on the way, which I’m really looking forward to.

And no, it won’t be possible to run Scrivener for iOS on macOS. It would be insanity for us to make the iOS version available on macOS when we already have a macOS version - I don’t even want to think about the confusion and problems that would cause!

All the best,

You may be able to download and run it now. There were some issues with the direct-sale version not detecting the MAS receipt and unlocking, but I think they have been addressed at this point.

As you say, it would probably only be a funny experiment since there would be little point in doing so, but no—no more than you can run Linux software compiled for ARM chips (or Windows stuff on an Intel Mac, now, for that matter). The OS and the chipset are two completely different things.

Perhaps Apple’s “one checkbox” Catalyst hyperbole is to blame. Even in cases where one could simply click a checkbox and recompile for macOS, I don’t see how that would generally be a good thing to do. You would at best end up with poorly designed stuff like Telegram, which clearly has no business being on a desktop in that state—clicking “Edit” to manually select multiple things when Shift-click would have done the same!

Thanks both for the replies.

Yeah, from what I read, running iOS apps isn’t all it’s made up to be. But I’m still happy, because I will be able to run Overcast podcast app (which I hear is running okay) and I hope I can run a certain 2 factor authentication app I have on the phone, but for the rest I don’t have a big wish list of running iOS apps on the Mac.

Interesting times indeed. From everything I read, Apple hit it out of the park with these laptops. I sold my iPad Pro for an M1 Macbook Air.

You’re a better person than I am. Until such time as Apple sees fit to provide a touch screen on macOS devices, I have no personal desire to test it. :slight_smile: I can see how having the stripped down feature set would be nice to help focus when I’m, say, out at a coffee shop with my writing group…but with the pandemic restrictions, that isn’t likely to happen any time soon. Most members of my writing group are high-risk individuals and won’t likely be coming back out in public until there’s a reliable vaccine.

I am envious of all of you who are getting M1 devices, though. I’m going to try to upgrade my mid-2010 Mac mini to the new M1 model sometime in the next 6 months, but my wife and I have a lot of devices to upgrade first, and phones and her computer come first.

iOS apps on M1 Macs…

[attachment=0]ios apps on M! Macs.jpg[/attachment]

macrumors.com/2020/11/18/ap … c-tidbits/