Bullet point misbehavior

Sorry if I format this incorrectly. I haven’t had to file official bug reports in so long I don’t remember.

Bullet points are misbehaving in several ways.

A. Bullet points appearing outside of the margin:

  1. Select a paragraph.
  2. Press list button in overhead menu bar to create a bullet point. It is created naturally in line with the existing margin.
  3. Press list button again. Bullet point vanishes, as expected.
  4. Press list button again to make bullet point re-appear. This time the bullet point appears to the left, outside of the existing margin. Any further clicks of the list button will only show and hide the bullet point outside the left edge of the margin.

Additionally, hitting delete to try and remove the bullet point so that I can correctly place it is a small nightmare. To place the bullet point where it should be now, you are better off either hitting the TAB key or hit CTRL-SHIFT-M.

B. Selected bullet points do not change when you choose a different style from the list button options.

C. There is no way to set up a short cut key for bullet points listed in the key bindings as far as I can tell.

Sorry, I’m a nitwit and didn’t label the post correctly with “BUG:”

Scrivener Version: Beta (594259) 64-bit - 18 Jun 2019
Windows version

Just adding to the list above:

  • The move paragraph up/down commands (Ctl-alt-up/down) don’t work properly in lists: while the paragraphs change position, the effect on the bullets is chaotic: numbers change to bullets, and previously ‘normal’ paragraphs acquire an unwanted bullet.

  • The promote/demote bullet/list commands (ctl-alt-left/right) don’t work properly in lists: Ctl-alt-right OUTdents the bullet/number by a space or two, but INdents the text by a much wider amount, so that the gap between them increases with each indent. Ctl-alt-left doesn’t work at all.


The problems of bullets have been mentioned several versions back and is still being looked into.


I don’t remember bullets working the way you’d expect in Scrivener 1 either. I can confirm Brookter’s bug above is reproducible; ctrl-alt-right or MoveTextRight appears to be the same thing as Increase Indents, while ctrl-alt-left or MoveTextLeft appears to be the same as Decrease Indents and does nothing.

Thank you for mentioning the bullet point bug was previously reported. I don’t know why I didn’t see it when I twice searched for it, it’s right there. Sorry.

Should we consolidate what we posted in that thread instead and delete this one? I couldn’t find any other postings on key bindings - okay, I’ll search again - great, so that’s already being tracked, was written up way better than this and with multiple helpful screenshots, and now I feel like a regular dunce who just made more work for people already working on the problem.

Relevant bugs: Indentation: LH3627 LH 3628 LH3633, Bullets: LH2286

Still some very weird bullet list behavior in beta 19.

Deleting bullet points: I can’t delete the second bullet point by placing cursor between bullet point and text and hitting delete. Instead I can delete it by deleting from the previous sentence, or removing the entire bulleted sentence before backspacing on the bullet point.

Pasting into lists: If I place my cursor next to an empty bullet point and ctrl-shift-v or ctrl v paste text it will ignore the current bullet point and instead create another bullet point to paste that text into. If I place my cursor anywhere within a current bullet point’s text line and paste the text, it will create a new bullet point. (I believe this was also present in the previous version)

Immortal bullets; Once I’ve created a second bullet point in a list, pressing Undo will remove any text I’ve written but frequently leave the bullet point intact as it moves on to previous things to undo.

Inconsistent undo vs tab and shift-tab: If I place my cursor between the second bullet of a list and the text of that line, pressing tab can result in very different outcomes. If there’s text, the bullet point may shift left out of margin. If it’s empty, it may instead jump in an inch and a half. If I want more predictable behavior I can destroy my current list, then create a new one. The bullets can then form out of the margin. If I tab they change to empty circles. If I tab in several times, they stay empty circles. However a single undo of a tab and they change back to whole circles, even if they’re still half way in. This results in an inconsistent look. I can shift-tab to bring them back and forth which is much better, but if I undo all the way until they’re out of the margin they get stuck and tab stops working.

That said, I’m very happy that I can now change lists from dots to squares without having to remake the entire list and I appreciate being able to use tab and shift-tab. Thank you kindly. :smiley: