Bulleted List Crash (Consistant)

I’m experiencing a crash while using a bulleted list in Scrivener for iOS. I have a list in my Research folder that I use to jot down ideas for things to work on in the upcoming draft. The crash occurs when I place the cursor at the beginning of a bulleted entry and hit backspace. It happens every time I backspace in that same spot, but not on every entry.


• Entry one
• Entry two
• Entry three
• Entry four

The crash only occurs when I place the cursor in front of the “E” for “Entry Four” and type backspace. The rest of the entries are fully editable. I can backspace Entry three onto Entry Two’s line and so on.

I just noticed another post about bulleted lists. I feel like I should add that I didn’t copy and paste any text, and nothing has not been formatted in any way other than the default.

Would it be possible to share project with us? I can’t get a crash like you describe, leading me to believe there might be something very specific in the file itself that I’d need. If that’s fine, send it to our support address, with this forum thread URL noted.

I’ve got this one, too. It was a document I created on my Mac, edited (and added the list to) in iOS. Let me know if I can help run it down. It also only seems to affect the last item on the list. Also, if go to the end of the previous item and delete, it works as expected.

Does this problem persist at all after a restart or even just closing and opening the project/file?