Bulleted lists and indentations

I’m giving Scrivener a try (Windows v1.9.16.0 - 14 Nov 2019) setting up a new novel and the thing that’s driving me crazy is the default indentation of bulleted lists. I can adjust the stops in the ruler to get them to display properly but this is a pain to do every time. I’d like the initial bullet to be aligned with the above text (not left of it) and the next level (when hitting tag) to be about 1/4" in, not the full 1" that it’s currently set to.

I’ve seen several post that point to Tools->Options->Editor but I don’t see how this can be used to configure the indent behavior of bullets. I’ve also seen posts that point to copy and pasting of formats (ctrl-shift-C and Y), however this doesn’t seem to work either.

I’d appreciate some guidance on how to modify this behavior. BTW… I’m more than happy to hack xml files if this is where those behaviors are stored.