Bulleted paragraphs disappear in compile to .odt

My bulleted lists in a Scrivener project (Windows v1.2.5) compile to preview and print just fine, but NOT to Open Document Format. Any paragraph that was bulleted disappears entirely (bullet and text both) in the .odt file.

Just tested this with a very simple new Scrivener project (one short document with a bulleted list). Compile to .doc, .pdf, .rtf, and even .txt works fine (.txt lacks the bullet symbols, as expected, but the text is still there). But in .odt, bullets and bulleted text don’t show up.

Thank you for the report, and sorry for the late reply! I’ve filed this–in my testing, only the first line of the list is getting compiled at all, so it looks like there may just be some code in the list formatting that’s getting handled incorrectly (or incorrect code getting handled just how it should). In the meanwhile, since .doc and .rtf compile works properly for this, the workaround would be to just use that format and open and resave in OpenOffice if you want the .odt format.