Bulleting paragraph creates bullets on all paragraphs

adding to text to an existing entry.
all text was default format
highlighted two new paragraphs
Using the bullet pop up on the ruler display assigned bullets to the two highlighted para’s
RESULT: All para’s in the entry were assigned bullets.

undid the change, looked at one of the older paragraphs in the entry - the bullet menu showed it as a bulleted paragraph, even though no bullet was displayed.
I have a screen shot if its useful.

Hi, sad to say, sounds like an Apple bug. Scrivener just uses the standard Apple ruler to provide bullet points (the same ruler you will find in TextEdit and most other Cocoa text apps that aren’t full-on word processors), and unfortunately, bullet points and tables are very buggy. If you watch the console (Console.app) whilst adding bullets and hitting tab, at some point you will see errors written out that can cause all sorts of strange behaviour - in Scrivener or TextEdit or any other such app. I do hope they fix this before Leopard is released… It might be worth dropping them a line at bugreport.apple.com (if you can recreate it in TextEdit), as the more bug reports the more likely they are to fix it (I have already filed bug reports for both bullet points and tables).
Thanks and all the best,

Will do, thanks for the response


Is this still a problem?
I am running Scrivener 1.1.0 with Tiger and have noticed that after inserting bullet points I no longer get indents at the beginning of new paragraphs. Even when I then remove the list formatting (the bullets) I get each new paragraph without an indent. If I then use a tab to indent the paragraph I have to do this with every paragraph after the list.
As a work around I have copy pasted an indented paragraph from above the list to below the list and things return to the usual formatting from there.
Hope that makes sense.

Many thanks for such a great application.

As I said in my previous post, unfortunately bullet points as provided are just part of the OS X text system - I have nothing do do with them (as in, there isn’t a line of code in Scrivener concerning bullet points - they are just part of the built-in Apple text view). They are very screwy. On Tiger, you would even receive an exception on the console sometimes when using them (in TextEdit, too) which could cause odd editing behaviour afterwards. I’m not sure how much they’ve been fixed on Leopard, as I haven’t played with them much - but I don’t see that they have been substantially changed, sad to say…