Bullets and indents

I am having a hard time trying to figure out the logic behind bullet indentation. If a create a document and set all tab settings to say 25 points, then I’d expect bullets to also follow this indentation scheme. It does not. Bullets seem to have some ‘behind the scenes’ tabs & indents scheme that I cannot seem to get a hold of.

For example, using the markdown preferences (literatureandlatte.com/foru … 21&t=14412) which sets all tabs identical. When I select some text and create a bullet, a completely different tabbing appears in the ruler. I have been trying to figure out how this works. I just don’t understand. Is there a place where I can set up tabs & indentation for bullets? I cannot find it. Even when I clean just about everything I can think of (no styles, no nothing), time and again the ‘strange and unwanted’ bullet tabbing rears its ugly head. This causes a big mess and lots of frustration when working on my writing.

Can anybody please explain me the logic behind this? Why do tabs not follow regular tab&indent settings? If bullets have some setting of their own, where the heck can I find & setup that?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Upfront––I don’t completely understand how to apply the concept. I was looking into it one day as something I thought I would use and decided against it. During my research I found this which explains the logic (they’re a macOS text engine feature whose behavior Scriv can’t modify) of lists in Scrivener:

Although it doesn’t address markdown, it might get you headed in the right direction.