Bullets and Spacing

I guess this is a two-parter. In my current project, I’m using bullets heavily and the first problem I’ve encountered was that I could find no way to change the default spacing of bullets. I find the defaults too far apart to live with

My workaround solution for this brings me to the second problem I’ve encountered. I change the spacing manually using the Format > Text > copy/paste ruler, but having to go to the menu every few bullets is tedious to say the least. I’ve tried to use the shortcuts ctrl+alt+7 & 8 but when I use them, it ignores the ctrl & alt keys and just enters 7 or 8. Please help

Scrivener’s list tools are pretty minimal, not meant to be a really full-fledged outlining feature. You can adjust the indentation for the selected list, but the default settings aren’t customizable. This is better treated as just a simple list entry, with the finer formatting left until after compile.

The default shortcuts for Copy Ruler and Paste Ruler in Scrivener 1.9 are Ctrl+G, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+G, Ctrl+P respectively. It sounds like you’ve got something much older showing up on your system, so to reset this, go to the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options and click the drop-down button for “Import” and choose “Scrivener”.

These are combo shortcuts, so you’d press and hold Ctrl while typing G, then C or P, then release Ctrl. You can change the shortcuts in the Keyboard options if you like, to make them simpler if you’ll be using them frequently. You will want to avoid the Ctrl+Alt combination; that typically maps to AltGr on Windows and so rarely works in shortcuts.