Bullets and Tabs and Indents

I’ve been looking through some of the posts on bulleted lists, and I understand that the Cocoa text system places severe limits on what we can do with lists in Scrivener. Having said that, is it possible to do the following?

When I select a bullet from the List menu, the current line is given a tab-bullet-indent, followed by my text. First of all, I don't want the initial tab. Second of all, all of my beautiful custom tabs -- which are in successive lock-stepped 1/4" increments -- get overwritten by Cocoa.

Is is possible to somehow initiate a bulleted list with my own custom tab measurements? If I start a bulleted list and then restore my tab settings by highlighting the bulleted text and applying one of my presets, then the text's block-indentation following the bullet is lost.

Is there any hope?