Bullets Compile Flush Left

Bullets are compiling flush left. I can’t tell if this is a new condition, seeing that this is the first time that I have tried to compile a project containing bullets. The “normal” text in each file compiles according to the specifications set in the formatting options of the compile dialog, but the bullets all show up flush left. I’m compiling to PDF. Thx, kraml

I’ve just run a quick test and it appears to be working fine on my machine. So to make sure we are both doing the same thing, here is the procedure that I followed:

  1. First I created a sample project with about ten paragraphs of dummy “lorem ipsum” text.
  2. I left all of the formatting default in the editor because I’m going to defer that to the compiler, but I did select paragraphs 2–4 and clicked the bullets button so that I had standard filled circle bullets. The result is one normal paragraph, three long bullet lines (so I can test alignment) and the rest of the sample document rendered as normal.
  3. [b]File/Compile...[/b]
  4. I set “Compile For” to “Preview” so I can quickly test results without having to save and open and delete files.
  5. Clicked the blue arrow button to show all compile options.
  6. Opened the “Formatting” compile option pane and enabled “Override text and notes formatting” at the top.
  7. Clicked on the regular file icon in the list at the top, and then the “Modify” button to change default formatting for this type of binder item.
  8. Set the text justification to right alignment (not realistic, but I wanted a dramatic test to demonstrate any errors easily).
  9. Clicked Okay to confirm those settings, and then the Compile button to open the preview window.

At this point, all bullets are flush right, as expected, and matching the paragraphs around them.

  1. I did the same test, but this time I changed the formatting to full justification, as I presume that is what you are looking for. Again the result is fully justified lines for normal and bullet paragraphs. There are no flush left (or ragged-right) lines in the output.

For my next test, I compiled to PDF and RTF, just to make sure that the Preview window was not the source of the discrepancy between your result and mind. Both the PDF and the RTF file (when opened in MS Word 2010) appear to be formatting as I requested with full justification.

Could you please post a similarly detailed description of your process so that I can reproduce the error on my machine? I would be grateful.