Bullets dissapair when compiling document

I have added bulleted lists within my document, when i compile the text the bullets dissapear.

I have chosen the option override text and notes formatting within the formatting option in the compile options screen. I have enclosed a screenshot of the textscreen and the compile preview

(sorry if you cannot read the text, but that’s dutch for you :smiley: )

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s me overlooking something.

With regards,

Have you tried this with the .doc/x or RTF formats? I can confirm that in Preview and PDF they seem to disappear—but I did a couple of extra tests with the prior formats, opened them in Word, and the bullets were all there.

Hi AmberV,

As you have suggested i have tried to compile to RTF and the bullets are indeed there. Thanks for your suggestion.

It seems that this could be a bug in the PDF/preview formats. At least i have a workaround now. Thanks for your time.