Bullets edited on iOS have added level of indentation each time they come back to Windows 2903

I created a set of bullets in a document on iOS and synced with Windows 2903 many times. I mostly add new bullets to this document on iOS, but occasionally also add some bullets when opened in 2903 and it seems each time I sync back to Windows 2903, there is an extra level of indentation. The reason some look at different levels than others is because I often have been deleting the indents to bring them back to normal, but I have not done these with each and every bullet and not each time. Somehow the way the indents are being treated between iOS and Windows, Not sure if the issue is occurring on the iOS end or the Windows end. I can remove the indents and then everything looks good again, but then over a few times making changes and syncing, it is back looking similar to this.

I cleaned this document up by removing all indents and getting back to clean copy and then trying some controlled changes on both iOS and in Windows. It appears this is a problem with trying to make sub-bullets on iOS using the iOS indent function, then I get a very non-standard set of tabs (only one instead of many which I would with making the bullet on Windows. I remember dealing with this during iOS beta also. I have copy formatting and pasted formatting to all bullets and sub-bullets now and hopefully that will correct any issues I had.

I will monitor and update, but do not think this is a Windows bug or anything that needs to be done in Windows. I think this is just the status of what can be done with bullets on iOS.

I jsut did another test adding one more sub-bullet on iOS (enclosed in red box), and then synced back to Windows and it somehow adversely affected not just the first sub-bullet in that section, but other sub-bullets and even a bullet (all encircled in green). I am not sure if this is something for you to look at in terms of the interplay between iOS and Windows and Mac. I then opened this same project on Mac and in fact, it looked even worse. This might be something I need to live with and just clean up these types of file every now and again.