Bullets in Style Sheets

I am trying to create a style sheet with a unique character. I write curriculum and every time I ask the students a question, I identify it as follows:

Q. What color is the sun?

And then go back to the lesson.

I cannot seem to incorporate bullets into the style sheet. Does anyone know how? It works in Word but I have not been able to figure it out in Scrivener.

It sounds like this is less of a list to me and more a special prefix that is used to present text marked in this style? Given that, if you don’t need the “Q: ” in the editor while you are working, maybe you can add that in when you compile. Here’s a quick example:

  1. Load up File/Compile….
  2. Right-click in the format sidebar on the left and create a new format.
  3. In the Styles compile format pane, click the + button in the upper right, and choose your question style.
  4. You can probably leave the formatting alone as I presume you already have that the way you want it to print (transforming styles on compile is an option). Instead, look over at the “Prefix/suffix” fields. Type “Q: ” in the prefix field.
  5. Click the Test… button in the lower left.

Thank you AmberV!

That is a great work around. I do wish that bullets could be included in style sheets but this solves my current problem.

That would be neat, but unfortunately the simple little bullet and listing tool that comes with the Mac text editor is a bit of a black box. We don’t have any control over how it works beyond the basics of “do this” and “do that”. Meanwhile stylesheets are completely custom code built on top of the text editor—in order for the two to work together, the bullet system would have to have rebuilt from scratch.