Bullets, Presets and Formatting

I’m struggling a little with applying bullet formatting. I’m used to Word, and I appreciate that Scrivener doesn’t have the same development history or concept of styles, however I’m not sure if there is a bug, this is just how it is or if there’s an easier way.

What I’ve experienced is that:

  • having created a preset as “new preset from selection” it will contain much of the formatting but not the fact that the text was a bullet (ie when I apply the preset it changes font, size, margins but doesn’t make it a bullet)
  • when I select a preset, it will not apply it to text that I have formatted as a bullet (eg if I select text with a range of formatting, both bulleted and non-bulleted, the preset will change the non-bulleted lines but leave the bullets as is)

These are not show-stoppers as I can just add some extra steps to get the formatting I want, but it is a bit of a pain. Any suggestions? Or have I mangled things somehow?

Hi - has this been missed? Or is it just something that no-one else knows about (or is interested in)? I’m keen to confirm I’m not doing something silly.

Apologies, I did miss this one. There are a couple bugs between lists and formatting presets, so I think you’re just running into that. Bullets/numbering aren’t currently saved as part of the formatting preset, so although you can save other aspects of the paragraph formatting that way, you’d need to separately apply the bullet style to your selected text. Conversely, indentation in a saved preset will not apply to text already formatted as a list.

You should still be able to get around it, just with two steps: First, apply your preset to the text you want to format as a list, to give it the spacing, indentation, etc. that you want. Then add the bullets by applying the list style. If you do it in that order, you should get the final appearance you’re after.

Unless of course I already have a bullet list from somewhere else. Then I have to remove the existing formatting, including any indentation, so I lose any structure I have in my existing list.

Maybe I’m missing what you’re trying to do. If you’re applying a formatting preset to text, it’s going to overwrite all the formatting already there. With the list and preset bug, the indentation isn’t applying as it should, but that’s actually favourable in your case since normally applying a paragraph preset would replace the list indentation.

What I’m saying is, if you already have a structured list, applying a paragraph preset doesn’t sound like what you want to do anyway. You could still apply a character preset to adjust font and other character attributes, but that should already be working.