Bundling files with a project

Can I save a folder with images inside the Scriveners project file structure?
Then all images (TIFs with PS layers) and texts are bundled.
Is there another way to bundle other files with the Scrivener project?

I would not advise doing so. The project format should be considered a singular and self-contained thing, it shouldn’t be messed with, or added to. Why not just drag these files into the Binder and let Scrivener manage them?

Didn’t know, that this is possible. Just tested it, but there are some problems:

  1. these images will be later imported in a database with a unique name. When I drag the images in the binder, it gives 'em other names (numbers).
  2. these images are in the Scriveners file structure, I can’t import the images from Filemaker (Yosemite), as the file import dialog doesn’t show me the packets contence.
  3. Scrivener doesn’t change such objects in any way? I can use this with files, that Scrivener doesn’t understand, too (in my special case Cinema 4D files)?

The number doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. The main place it will have an impact is when you have it open for editing, you’ll see the number in the title bar. Otherwise, when you want to archive these files out of your project and into the database, you would export them, using the File/Export/Files... command. This will export the files using their current Binder names.

And yes, you can throw anything into a project. The program is designed to be a small-scale research organiser, whatever that research may be (or even if it isn’t really “research” but just any sort of materials you need to work on the project).

WOW! Just wow.
Works perfectly. Thank you very much. :smiley:

BTW: when I drag&drop such an image from the binder in an ordinary draft text. Is this image completely copied in the file or is it linked? When it is not linked, is there a possibility to link these (because of the lag in typing when you have many and huge images in the text)?

You may find section 15.5 Inline Images of the manual useful. An excerpt follows:

OK, thanks.
Seems, I can’t link these images from the binder. Bummer!

That’s correct, we do not provide that capability. It is something we’ve thought about, so it might yet appear, but for now if you want to link to images in your Binder from a text document, you can use the placeholder code: <$img:Name of Image in Binder>. That also works for pointing to files on your disk, too, by the way, as either a relative or absolute path. Placeholder codes are discussed in the same section of the manual referenced above.