Business Plan template

I am new to this particular forum, so please bear with me… I tried to post a reply to other thread discussion related to business plan topic under template wish-list… it doesn’t seem to work right for some reason.

Additionally, I am new to Scrivener for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Wish that I had know about Scrivener ages ago! What a brilliant app, actually.

I would like to know if any template related to business plan template has been developed or under consideration? I don’t seem to see any ongoing discussion about it. I have found one forum discussion, but it seems faded away with lack of discussion for some reason. Perhaps there aren’t as many Scrivener users work with business plan. But I happen to love Scrivener and was impressed with this app. I am afraid that I would have to construct in my own to create business plan document with Scrivener.

I also wonder if I can import some of references from Pages or Words and even Excel spreadsheet or even InDesign document? I am not quite sure how that works with reference links or connection between those app documents to Scrivener and what’s not.

When I work in financial statement, this means lot of crunching numbers involved, this means often to change numbers. Does this work well in Scrivener that automatically update all crunching numbers linked from Excel spreadsheet (or Numbers) in Scrivener? Does this means that I have to do it manually in Scrivener?

Thanks in advance!
Cordially, Brian

Hi Brian,

Welcome to the forum.

I used to write a lot of business plans. The ones I wrote followed a more or less common approach but contained quite heavy loads of tables, charts, inserted numbers and sometimes footnotes, and were subject to frequent revision both by me and by others. They were expected to be delivered in .doc or .docx format.

For Scrivener, those requirements pose several challenges. Scrivener is above all a tool for structuring, composing and drafting - for getting your text right. It’s not designed to compete with top-end word processors in layout and formatting.

Therefore if I were writing a business plan now, I’d use Scrivener for the drafts. If I felt I needed a template, I’d create my own; the general shape of business plans isn’t complex in my experience, and if you’re writing such plans now you’ll know what it is, and if you’re just starting there are dozens of books that will tell you. I’d put in place-holders for all the inserts (linked numbers, tables, charts, other graphics), and then once I’d got the text to work as I wanted it, I’d export the lot to, say, MS Word, for the inserts to be put in, for the layout to be finalised and for that time-consuming “final fiddling” (including others “massaging” the plan into the shape they want…).

That may make Scrivener sound as if it’s an optional part of the process. It’s not. When the text matters, and in every business plan I’ve written it does, Scrivener will make it better.


I would like to hear more about this topic because I wan’t to use Scrivener for writing a SRS (Software Requirements Specification).

It would be nice to find out what are the main problems and if there are workarounds.

Regarding, review I think that compiling to PDF and gathering the comments from the reviewer could be an acceptable approach.

Still there are things like: how to I insert big images, plans into the document in such way that they are going to be compiled.

Hi Sorin,

No one else has responded to this, so I’ll simply say that I think that if the layout of your Specification is going to be complicated, then my advice above stands. If it looks like being quite simple, then I recommend consulting the Help Manual under “Inline Images”, for example Section 14.4 (A4 version page 153).

As fas as I know, compiling with inline images is pretty straightforward, but how a workflow would best be put together printing to pdf and getting revisions back that way, I have no experience of.


Considering that I do not plan to have bug tables or too many pictures I think, and hope, that this will work. I will be back with feedback regarding the success ratio :slight_smile: