Button to show formatting codes

One of the few things I like about Word is the ability to show the hidden codes for spaces, tabs, and hard returns. This helps me see if I’ve added extra spaces after sentences, used spaces instead of tabs, used unnecessary tabs, etc. Having a button that would toggle viewing these codes would help enormously to produce a clean manuscript for export.

Unfortunately only fonts in the Apple text system support hidden character - and only very few of them. So the feature would be more of a source of frustration than a help, as most users would go to use, wonder why it’s not working, post here and be told, “Oh, that font doesn’t support it…”

Sorry. :slight_smile:


Well, that’s too bad. I have discovered that I can search for tabs and hard returns by copy pasting them from the document, so that helps. Is there any keyboard equivalent to search for these in Search? Word, I believe, uses “^t” to find tabs, but that doesn’t work in Scrivener.


Yes, there is a way to search for tabs and returns, just hold down the option key when you enter it into the search field. With tab it is obvious something got inserted, but you won’t see anything when you type Opt-return, however it is there, as test searches reveal.

Thanks for your response. Option-tab or Option-return–very easy to remember, I’ll try it.