Buttons for How to Open a Document

I hope that in the future it would be possible to add a sequence of preferences in Behaviors for how documents open?

For example, at the moment, I have set my preferences so that a clicked document link opens in a Quick Reference Panel, but I actually want to have more flexibility so that I can open some links in a Copyholder; others in the other editor, etc.

I can do this now by right clicking etc, but it is a bit cumbersome.

May be a button at the bottom of each document can open a document in the preferred mode.

They all have shortcuts :

Except for the Copyholder, but you can either drag the document to the copyholder’s header bar,
or set a shortcut:

It is even possible that there is already a shortcut for the copyholder. I might at some point have cancelled it to use it elsewhere, I don’t remember.


As @Vincent_Vincent said, you can configure shortcuts for this.

We are unlikely to implement this as a feature request, as it would require adding four duplicative buttons to an already cluttered interface.


That would be horrible.
And the more users would rely on these buttons instead of shortcuts, the more buttons users would ask for.
With all the features of Scrivener, at some point it’d be all buttons + a tiny editor. :wink:

Buttons to edit the number of buttons would solve this. :wink: