Buying a New Ipad...How to Sync

I have had Scrivener on my Windows 8 laptop for about two years. Later this week, I will be buying an iPad. One of the reasons is because I think the portability would make writing more convenient.

I remember reading something about updates allowing device synchronization that I ignored because they didn’t apply. Now, I am interested.

  1. Can I download Scrivener to my new iPad and use my old license key (which, amazingly enough, I do still have in a box somewhere), or do I need to buy a new license?

  2. Does Scrivener allow me to sync my projects across my devices? Or do I have to upload changes via jump drive?

  3. Will I have platform issues?

Scrivener is not yet available for iOS (iPad, iPhone). Having gotten burned for previously offering estimated completion/availability dates for this that slipped, Literature & Latte are wisely refusing to offer a new estimated date.

Some folks edit individual document (.rtf) files from Scrivener projects (which usually contain/consist of many such files down in a Scrivener project’s folder) on iPads, but it is not an automatic process. My sense is that it is more difficult to do that with Scrivener projects that reside on Windows machines than on Macs, though I could be wrong. I don’t know of a good discussion of this to point you to… best I can suggest is to search the forums using the word “Textilus”, to find some discussions that touch on this.