Buying bug

Hi Keithvin - I’ve tried to buy the new book on Scrivener, and may (or may not) have succeeded in paying for it. I filled in my name, address, credit card number, etc - then realised there was a PayPal option, and went through and used that.

When it sent me through to the Lit ‘n’ Lat site again, though, the ‘name’ and ‘userid’ fields were blank. So I went back to fill them in, using the provided link, but got back to the whole name and address thing.

I filled in my forename and surname and clicked ‘Next’. Now, the name was there - but the amount shown in the payment was zero.


It seems there was a problem with the “Buy” link we sent out - sorry about that. Try this one instead: … 3798567268

Thanks and all the best,

Looked like the same link, Keith - I used it, without choosing the PayPal option, which seems to be where the problem is. Hope I don’t get charged twice now, once directly and once by PayPal, with whom I’d authorised the transaction before.

What happens now - do I get an actual physical book in the post, or is this an ebook?

No, it’s a different link to the one that got sent out in the newsletter and originally appeared on the blog and forum announcement (which have obviously been updated since). The original link caused problems for people trying to buy, especially those purchasing via PayPal, which is why I provided the above link to use instead.

When you buy, you see a “Download” button which will download the e-book to your computer, and you will receive an e-mail receipt with download information too. If you have received neither then your order most likely never went through, but obviously I can’t check without your full details. Please e-mail David at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com for further assistance if you need it.

Thanks and all the best,

Ah, got it now, thanks, Kevieth.

Great! Thanks!