Buying Scrivener

Hi friends,

I hope I have the right forum. I am facing a dilemma, and I hope you can give me some advice.
I participated and won NaNoWriMo. On the 1st of May, I will receive the 50% off code.
I used Scrivener (Windows, 1.0, trial mode) and liked it a lot, so I would like to buy it to use it for other projects.

Now, the point is this:

I get 50% off but will have the Windows 1.0 version if I buy. Scrivener 3.0 is in development. If I buy the 1st of May, and it is out on or before 1th of August, I get the new version for free (right? :slight_smile: )
But if the development takes a little longer, I need to pay an additional 25 dollars to upgrade. That’s a bit stupid if I can just wait.

What is a smart thing to do in this situation?

If you purchase Scrivener 1 now, you will get Scrivener 3 for free when it is released. That’s been the policy since the Scrivener 3 beta opened.


Okay, so let me confirm, to avoid unpleasant suprises :slight_smile:
If I buy now, I get 3.0 for free, no matter if it comes out tomorrow or December 2021?

Something to consider though, if you buy and start using Scrivener 1 now. Scrivener 3 is not backwards-compatible, from what I understand, with projects created in Scrivener 1. I believe it is possible to export Scrivener 1 projects to get them into Scrivener 3, but if it were me, I wouldn’t want to deal with those cross-version manipulations and potential data loss. In your situation, I’d download and use the free Beta now and buy Scrivener 3 when it launches. Anything you create with the Beta should be seamless with Scriv3. My $0.02 FWIW

I agree. The problem is my free trial is ending soon…



You’ve got it backwards. You can’t (currently) export from 3 back to 1. But version 3 will convert projects made by version 1 into its new format, leaving behind a backup copy in the original version 1 format for safe-keeping. There’ s no threat of loss from 1 to 3, as all features in 1 are present in 3 (and then some).

The Beta for version 3 doesn’t require payment (only the final release does). But if you go with the beta, you have to update re-install whenever the current one expires (each beta release lasts 1 month or less). That can be aggravating if someone just wants to write with Scrivener.

Thanks for the correction, and apologies if I confused anyone with my misinformation

No problem mate! Thanks for the advice!
I will be buying the software (Windows version 1) in May, and convert it to 3 when it is published! :slight_smile: