Buying update from 1.54


I know you are all very busy at the moment :slight_smile: - may I only ask how to buy the update (as a Scrivener’s 1.54 registered user)? I downloaded the 2.0 dmg (as the ‘Check for updates’ function in 1.54 still says 'No newer version available) and I clicked on ‘Buy online’ button - the eSellerate page was sort of ‘freezed’ (not progressing) and while waiting I told myself ‘Hey, perhaps they need your Scrivener 1.x serial number…’

So, could you resend me my serial number (if needed, as I suppose) when you have got time?
I’m eager to send you my little amount of bucks against the big amount of work you all did in S 2.0…

Thanks and all the best

Have you tried again recently? It sounds like you were trying to access the store while it was down for maintenance mode.

Hi Ioa,

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Thank you for updating!
All the best,