So, when I try to purchase scrivener it keeps bouncing me back to the shopping page. And then I proceed through the process and does it again. I am beginning to be worried I am buying several copies. I only have one day left of the trial and I want to make the purchase. I decided to stop trying because although i love you guys I can’t afford accidental purchases. Last name: martel


OK. It went through and now it is saying it: Invalid serial number or user name

I am copy and pasting from the confirmation page AND the email (and double checking everything). Any help?

all worked out. feel free to delete this thread. sorry! (and I love you).

Sorry, just got alerted to this string of messages, but glad you got it all sorted out. Welcome to the club!

P.S. I’ve checked our records and our system only billed you once, so don’t worry about getting billed multiple times.

P.P.S. Is your username a Heidegger reference by the way?