BuzzAldin link hangs Scrivener

When I click a single time on the Buzz Aldrin link in the tutorial, Scrivener hangs.

It doesn’t respond to anything, including the maximize/minimize/close buttons. Scrivener minimizes when I click the toolbar button for the running instance of Scrivener, but I can’t re-maximize it.

Ctrl-shift-escape will let me end the Scrivener process, sometimes flashing a dialog box stating the process can’t end because it’s waiting on input for me - but I can’t tell what, and Scrivener always ends.

While Scrivener is hung there is no evidence of another dialog box seeking input, and alt-tab doesn’t reveal anything else running.

I’m running Windows 7, 64 bit, and the latest Scrivener (downloaded yesterday).

Another note - I found the file (28.wav) and double-clicked it in Windows Explorer. That worked, it played in the Windows Media Player.

I drug an mp3 file into Scrivener, confirmed I could play it from Windows Explorer, and it too hung when I clicked on it in Scrivener.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’m sure this is solvable, so I went ahead and bought a copy. I uninstalled the trial version, deleted the Scrivener directories left behind and re-installed - but no joy, the problem remains.

Curiously, it doesn’t do any good to change the Windows file association to iTunes. Double-clicking sound files works in Windows Explorer, but Scrivener hangs.

Another hang mode, and I wish I weren’t finding these, is to create a collection, click on an entry in the collection list, and hit control-left arrow. I was trying to see if I could arrange topics in a collection in a hierarchy.

Thanks for all the testing, and sorry that you’re having a crash issue! I’ve only seen one other report on this, and Lee and I are still working to figure out what’s causing the problem. Could you run “dxdiag” from the search bar in the Windows start menu (just type that and hit Enter) to confirm what version of DirectX you have installed and that there aren’t any audio drivers flagged as needing updates? Also, could you let me know where you’ve installed Scrivener and where your project resides (and whether that’s on the same local partition or not)? Also, if you use Documents > Snapshot > Take Snapshot on a document, do you hear the camera click sound or does the program also crash?

The crash when moving with the collection has already been caught and should be fixed for the next update. Collections are flat lists, so no, you can’t make a hierarchy of them, and the left/right options shouldn’t be available at all; up/down should be, of course, and the crash with those will be fixed. You should still be able to move items around in the collection in the meanwhile by using the mouse to drag them.

MM - Thanks for your help. I figured bug fixing was high priority. Your asking price is very reasonable, too, so that’s why I bought Scrivener. I have high hopes for it and any way I can contribute to your efforts, let me know.

DxDiag and its 64 bit variant report DirectX version 11 is running.

Scrivener is installed in its default location, c:\program files (x86)\scrivener.

The document/project directory is in My Documents.

The snapshot feature plays a nicely nostalgic shutter sound. No problems with sound there.

Almost forgot - everything is in one happy partition.