C&P Comments or Collapsible Text?

Hi! I’m a totally new Scrivener user!

I purchased Scrivener to help organize my writing logs with my co-writer. We have thousands of pages of logs to go through, and Scrivener offered everything we ever dreamed of: easy import, keywords, search functions, file trees, synopsis cards, and more…

But I’m stuck on one major issue.

Our logs have a lot of asides where we pause to iron out details. Eg:

Okay, silly example, but you get the idea.

I was looking for a feature that would help me take those side-discussions out of the writing logs without A) removing them entirely, or B) disconnecting them from the place in the log where the comments belong.

I looked for a feature to just collapse text, but Scrivener does not appear to have this feature. Am I correct?

I then looked into the comments feature. It seemed that I could cut text out and insert it as a comment instead, which would link to that part of the document. It seemed an ideal solution–except that once the text was made into a comment, it was then impossible to copy and paste again. I couldn’t highlight it, select it, anything. It had basically become just an image, not live text. And furthermore, the text in the comments feature is so dauntingly small that I had to squint even with my reading glasses. I can up the text size in the actual document, but for some reason, the text in the comments section is locked in what looks like a size 8 font that is very unfriendly on my old eyes.

So basically, I have no way of displacing those bits of text without rendering them unusable.

Is there a feature I might have overlooked? Another creative solution? This program has an overwhelming amount of excellent features, so I thought I’d ask some more experienced people!

Thank you for your help!

Hello Maxus,
Comments are, as you say, probably best suited to what you are trying to achieve. You don’t need to cut out text, just write your comment directly into the comment box in the inspector ( you can overwrite the date which is just a pre-defined comment.) The comment text is selectable, and can be edited, copied and pasted ect, but only from the inspector screen on the right when you have the comment section up. The text there can be enlarged through the options. Go to Options / Appearance then bottom right under fonts find the comments. Enlarge the font.

Changes to Options only affect new text. When you have set your default text size for comments in the Options pane: click on an existing inspector comment so it has a blue—I think— box round it; Ctrl-A to select them all; Right click and from the dropdown menu choose “Convert to Default Formatting”.

You absolutely can edit, copy or cut text in inspector comments. You have to double click on them, or click on the footnote marker and then click inside the comment.

I have to say, I’m on a Mac, not Windows, but this is such a basic feature of Scrivener, that I would imagine that the Windows version behaves similarly to the Mac in this.



The linked comments in the Inspector are live, you just need to double-click on it like you mean it in order to edit. Maybe this is a Windows issue because I have this problem too.
Since your comments are already inline, you might prefer instead using inline annotations, which reformat the text to distinguish it and omit it from a Compile when you export. The (default) Windows shortcut is Ctrl+Shft+A and I think the default text color is red, but you can change it in Appearances to something less obnoxious. I prefer a tan color. :slight_smile:

Wow, you are all so amazingly helpful! To think it was just as simple as double clicking to make the Comments text live. And I found the options you were talking about for editing the appearance of font in various parts of the program. So customizable!

Thank you all :slight_smile: