Calendar Importing!! HOW??

Hi! ; )

I need to be pointed in the right direction. I’m trying to create a character journal with a REAL calendar view associated with my character dossiers. I’m working on a timeline centered mystery graphic novel. This project would greatly benefit from some type of calendar mode (not just a spreadsheet) within a character sketch. I need to record daily dreams and events for my individual characters, like a real personal journal.

Can someone give me some resources or tips on how to import just a basic calendar like ical. I can’t imagine that Scrivener’s feature-packed software has no way to create or import calendars. I’ve found it in other writer software applications like “Liquid Story Binder XE” for PC, however, I can’t import their journal feature or template to Scrivener.

Please Help!


Hmm, I think the main problem here will be iCal, actually. It’s perfectly possible to import any type of file you want into your Binder (excluding the Draft folder within it, of course). However iCal doesn’t to my knowledge have the ability to save calendar files that you can open and manipulate as standalone files—it treats exported .ics files as data to be loaded into the primary database, which wouldn’t work at all for what you want here. What you want is a calendar program that can load a calendar file off the disk, edit it, save it, and then later on load that file and see your changes as persistent (or in other words, like a normal program, rather than a database style program like iCal). Bonus points if this calendar program displays something useful in Quick Look, and you’re using Lion, because then you get a nice display in Scrivener’s editor rather than just a big icon.

I’m not much of a calendar person though, so such a beast is beyond my ability to make recommendations for. I fear there isn’t much on the Mac, for the same reason there aren’t a girth of good e-mail clients on the Mac.

An alternative, if you check out the Software by Other Folk section, is Aeon Timeline. It’s not a calendar program (but I suspect you are looking more for timekeeping as opposed to setting appointments and tracking progress on projects!), but rather a timeline program developed specifically for authors, and while it does not yet (to my knowledge) integration with your Scrivener itself is in the roadmap. It’s beta though, or maybe even alpha would be a better way of putting it.

Thanks AmberV!

I’ll look into the Aeon Timeline and maybe consider switching to the highly complicated LSB XE just for this specific feature. I don’t want to toggle between all these different applications to manage my story.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer!