Calendar integration

I would find calendar integration especially useful.

  1. Scheduling interviews
  2. Tracking misc targets
  3. Deadlines
  4. Overall project events timeline

I’m sure I’d find other uses if it was available!


I would like to second that request.

I have worked out a way to use Scrivener as a work planning/management program using existing features, but it lacks that calendar integration that I so desperately need to complete it.

The “program” as-is (that is, the use I have developed for it) is not project specific but covers overall daily, weekly, and monthly planning. I have to manually insert the due dates and then insert them again in an external calendar program. This becomes a bit repetitive and redundant, but when I am consistent with it it does help me manage my various projects as a writer, editor, grandmother, and overall regular human being.

As we all know, Scrivener was designed specifically for writers, but it is also useful for organizing countless other things. You can even use it to organize your tax papers! The sky is pretty much the limit with its usefulness for organizational and development purposes.

I have tried importing online calendars into the research section but unfortunately the import isn’t “live.” That is, you can’t add to it except within Scrivener and your new entries don’t appear online. The web pages Scrivener imports are the pages as they appeared at the time of import.