Calendars with dates and times for timeline

I love Scrivener, and have recommended it to a Windows friend on his 2nd science fiction book.

However, I would like to have a calendar available to keep track of my timeline. It was a nice feature in StoryMill that allowed events to be entered into a timeline, and viewed together along it.

Unfortunately, I am writing fantasy and have two different calendars in use, neither identical with our own calendar. So I would like to be able to use both calendars and translate dates between them.

I have on my to do list to write this application in Cocoa, and later to add moon(s) phase rise and set. If I get mine done before you, I’d be happy to share my code. But you probably could this better. :slight_smile:

You might think of taking a look at Aeon Timeline … see the “Other Software” forum on this site.


Totally unconnected to Aeon, having no function impelling me to even take a look at it yet.