Call me awkward :D


The ability to move (easily), or at least copy, text/folders between open projects.

What do you find awkward about the process?

And just to make sure that the method is known, try dragging and dropping stuff from one project binder to another. That will copy everything about the item except for its label/status settings.

Well I never !

Last time I tried that little trick it didn’t work - though perhaps I was looking for a “right-mouse-click”>>“Move to:” option.

Thanks awfully…

Note that the “focus” has to be in the binder for this to work; clicking in the binder first, or using the menu View->Move Focus To->Binder (shortcut: CTRL+Tab), will make sure that the CTRL+arrow keys short-cut will work as described. If your focus was in the editor, or one of the Inspector panes, the CTRL+arrow keys wouldn’t move binder items.