Calling Project Targets window slows Scrivener down

I see that nobody has mentioned this yet, so it’s probably just me. Still I wonder what might be the cause of such behaviour. When I go to Project -> Project Targets it freezes the whole application for about a minute and then the floating window appears and everything unfreezes. If I keep that window open Scrivener starts kind of… stumbling, i.e. makes brief pauses every ten seconds or so (probably for saving and updating the wordcount). It’s especially noticeable when in a fullscreen mode.

First I thought that it might be some small application (I don’t know how to word it correctly, sorry) inside the big Scrivener application, and that my security suite was analysing it during the first run and thus was slowing things down. However, it repeated on the second, on the third and all other runs. I tried temporarily shutting down the security program just to see if it really was the reason for the Project Targets’ behaviour, but nothing changed - it kept freezing. Sure, the computer itself is not the bleeding edge (P4 at 2.66 GHz with 1Gb of RAM + Win XP SP2), but without the Project Targets window Scrivener works beautifully, no signs of slowing down anywhere.

What might be the reason for such thing? Mind it, it’s not that it’s making my life difficult or makes using Scrivener impossible, but I’m just curious about what might be causing this.

How long is your manuscript? I just opened my new project which has 6234 words and it took about 4 seconds to pop up the Project Targets window. So, if you’re working on a 100,000 word monster, it might take awhile to get that window to pop up. However, after I had done it once, when I opened the window a second time, it came up immediately. So, if you get the same problem on subsequent tries, I don’t know what the problem might be.

The wordcount doesn’t seem to matter: I experience this both with the novel I’m trying to finish (currently at about 43 K words) and with the short story of 3.5 K words. On the second and all subsequent calls the window does pop up sooner, which in this case means that it freezes Scrivener for about ten seconds instead of a minute. :slight_smile:

Very strange. Guess I’ll have to see if a reinstall will cure this. :slight_smile:

Jaaaarne, I’m far from any kind of expert but I wonder if it has to do with how many documents are contained in the project. Meaning, if a project has only a couple of folders with a few sub documents inside each, then there wouldn’t be much math required for Scrivener to grand total the word count. But if a project had dozens of folders with hundreds of sub documents, I’m thinking it would take longer for Scrivener to compute a total, regardless of the end result.

Your project may have a single document in it, in which case my theory would not apply or even be correct. Just thought I’d ask since that seems like it could make a difference.

The project which contains the novel consists of roughly 100-120 docs, including research and character profiles. The short story project, however, consists of only three docs, two of which are folders. And it doesn’t change anything, the Project Targets happily freezes either of them. :slight_smile:

I tried reinstalling, to no avail (not that I expected something). I checked if the same (freezing upon calling Project Targets) was true for my netbook, and it was. :slight_smile: I tried creating a new project from the pre-installed template and populated it with a couple of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs to see if the freezing stuff could possibly be connected to my actual projects being written with Cyrillic letters. It just kept freezing.

Via Task Manager I noticed that calling Project Targets does indeed invoke another Scrivener application. Judging by its name, rtfi.exe opens .rtf files in order to sum their contents. So I’m now starting to think that it’s my security suite, after all; if the rtfi.exe application opens files, then the security program will try to check each one, and that will slow things down notwithstanding the number of files included in the wordcount. The question is, does rtfi.exe do what I think it does, i.e. opens only .rtf files? And if so, does it only open files created inside Scrivener? In other words, if I tell KIS to keep its virtual hands to itself and not to check the files opened by rtfi.exe, will I be risking something?

ETA: I did a clean reinstall including removal of all traces of Scrivener from the registry. There were two Scrivener branches I deleted from the registry that didn’t reappear after the reinstall; they were probably left over from the beta versions I had installed in spring. After that the situation improved significantly, now Project Targets doesn’t freeze upon the second and all subsequent calls. I’m a bit at a loss, honestly. I wonder if maybe something went slightly wrong when I was uninstalling the betas?