Have fun. But don’t stand in the middle of the road gawping at the wretched blingy chronophage clock. It’s only a matter of time before some driver stop-starting along King’s Parade gives up on the brake pedal.


Im not going to say (because Im practising being grown up), anything about: if you do hire a kangaroo to go sightseeing, make sure its a big fat friendly cuddly one, as opposed to one of those bad tempered ones, that kick seven shades of sh.... Suffice to say: have a safe and speedy journey over to Gods country, and a pleasant, interesting stay whilst here :wink:
Bon Voyage
Take care,

Yes, have fun. But let us know if you witness any outbreaks of chronophage rage…


(I’ve been thinking that the thing is something of a hostage to fortune, given students’ traditional skills at minor architectural modification…)

Not just students. I know a president of one of the colleges and numbers of fellows who suggested a nightly ‘paint out’ over the glass to conceal the awful 5 ft gold plated horror.

s wrong wi that? :open_mouth: All the soddin clocks in our house are like that!