Camera import feature crashes Scrivener


I would like to use camera and take pictures and import them into Scrivener.

When I use camera import camera feature, Scrivener crashes. Am I doing something wrong ?

I looked into Ipad Settings, and Scrivener is not one of the apps who has requested Ipad to allow camera usage.

What is wrong and how to solve it ?



I can reproduce this.

Import from Photo Library works, but I had never tried to use the Camera option directly. It crashes you out of Scriv every time.

Tested on current gen 9" iPad Pro.


P.S. I notice that in Settings > Scrivener settings, there is a switch for allowing Scriv access to your Photo Library, but no switch for allowing Scriv to access your Camera. Hmm.

I too reproduced this on both an iPhone 5c and an iPad Air 2. Kaboom.

Yes. Confirmation. Tap the camera symbol and your out.

This will be fixed in the next update. It seems Apple recently added a requirement to ask permission for an app to use the camera in this fashion—which makes sense, no grumble there, only they forgot to make it so that if the app doesn’t have a prepared explanation for why it would like to use the camera, the system crashes trying to brute force look for it instead of handling the situation more gracefully. :blush:

Thank you Amber, unfortunately the Ipad also crashes when using LOADING DRAFT PREVIEW feature.

That’s surely a separate issue, you might want to contact support and see if they can help you work it out. It may be something like a file with formatting in it that is confusing the view.