Cameras Don't Look Like That Anymore

Perhaps you did this for fun, or your graphic artist is as old as I am, but most young people won’t recognize the icon for “snapshot,” because flashes stopped looking like that around 1970.

Can you blame us for having a touch of nostalgia? :slight_smile:

It’ll update, a bit, in the next version. I would say that some images become iconic even if the thing they represent has become unfamiliar, such as the shape of an old top-cradle Bakelite telephone with a radial dial. I’m not sure if a camera with a big old flash on it has the same cachet, but I think most people still know what an old camera looks like, even if their only contact with cameras is via a nearly microscopic lens embedded in some other device. That wouldn’t make for a very good icon anyway.

When they threw that up in the eye chart, my daughter was convinced it was a t-shirt. :slight_smile:

I’d say that the cameras made when men were men and things were things looks way more recognizable than those rounded rectangles they use nowadays for everything from making calls to listening to music to writing letters to taking pictures :unamused:
Seriously, those are hard times for icon designers. All things material rapidly fall into oblivion and a new abstract ideographic (hanzi-style?) system that might replace them is not here yet.

There’s a good video at… … aced-macs--key-⌘/
…featuring Susan Kare, the designer of many Mac (and other) icons. A designer’s insight on the need for visual clarity.

Bah, nothing looks like anything anymore. Phones, TVs, cameras, pens, lightsabers… Might as well use candlestick telephones, CRT tvs, fountain pens, and the like to represent those kinds of functions. Otherwise, we just need to give up and replace all of our icons with this: