Can a brutha get a <$TOC> tag?

Like many ebook authors, I have moved my Table of Contents to the back of my book. I use a short TOC that I call Quick Jumps at the front of the book that includes a link to the full TOC in the back. This removes several useless pages from the sample of the ebook and lets the user jump right in and sample the actual story.

Scrivener does all of this beautifully. I have a document called “Table of Contents” that Scrivener picks up and uses as my TOC instead of auto-generating one so that it ends up in the back instead of the front, and that’s all just fine. The only thing missing is the ability to have an auto-generated TOC within my document. A sort of mix of both worlds. Whenever I change a chapter title or move something around, my TOC document becomes invalidated.

By default, Scrivener is auto-generating a TOC based on title preferences and folders within draft, so the ability to do this is already there. What I want is to be able to create a Table of Contents document, put it anywhere I want within my ebook, and just put

Table of Contents


And let Scrivener do the lifting to figure out a list of links to sub in there. Call it a Wish List item, but it would be nice. I can get along without since I usually generate the TOC by-hand by selecting and copying links, but it’s bitten me a couple times when I moved a few things and forgot to change the TOC. I love that Scrivener can compile the list of chapters automatically, I just want to be able to place that list wherever I want it rather than always at the beginning of the book.


This is already on the list, potentially for 2.4 although it might be further on the future depending on how other things go.

Thanks and all the best,